With two such inspirations at his fingertips, how could an author resist giving his Massachusetts-based murder mystery a medieval slant?


PRLog (Press Release) Oct 1, 2008 The Unbound Wind, set in
present-day Massachusetts, is the third Jeffrey Devereaux-Kirsten
Eriksson mystery novel written by author/screenwriter/playwright,
John Dandola.

The synopsis:

The rock carving in Westford, Massachusetts, had been the subject of
debate for a good many years. Romantics claimed it to be the effigy
of a medieval knight killed during some pre-Columbian exploration.
Detractors claimed it to be partially Native American with whimsical
enhancements made by nineteenth-century schoolboys.

After visiting Westford as a favor to a military miniaturist who is
researching the carving, Jeffrey Devereaux and Kirsten Eriksson
begin experiencing turmoil in their own daily lives.

Things only worsen when the curator of Hammond Castle Museum
allows his usual indecisiveness to jeopardize not only their long-
standing personal friendship but their future working relationship
as well. When a member of the museum's Board of Directors turns up dead after a Renaissance Faire on the castle grounds and another death occurs during a toy show in the castle's Great Hall, Kirsten can't help but wonder about the origin of the Westford effigy and the possibility that all of these misfortunes are somehow connected with it.

Like Dandola's previous two Wind mystery novels, Wind of Time and Wicked is the Wind, this newest entry in the series makes pre-Columbian exploration in New England a part of the plot and continues to use Hammond Castle Museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts, as a home base for his protagonists.

"I write about my interests," Dandola explains. "Using Hammond Castle Museum as a jumping off point is simple since I'm the biographer of its builder, inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr., and I know the building inside and out. I just people it with fictitious characters. As for the Westford Knight, it's always fascinated me. Imagine a rock carving of a knight in Massachusetts! This murder mystery with paranormal overtones gives me an opportunity to throw out a fictitious albeit historically sound explanation for how the carving got there. Besides, a knight and a castle go hand-in-glove when it comes to storylines."

Debuting on October 7, 2008, The Unbound Wind is published by Compass Point Mysteries
(234 pages, $14.95) and will be available online exclusively at

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The Enduring Riddle of the Westford Knight Explored in New Mystery Novel About Hammond Castle
The Unbound Wind is the third
paranormal murder mystery by John Dandola.