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Tory Corner Editions

Tory Corner Editions
is our imprint which specializes in custom museum books including histories, cookbooks, and miscellaneous fiction.

We offer small museums the possibility of publishing titles which might not otherwise see print but we are NOT a subsidy publisher who charges authors or organizations to produce their works.

Our authors receive payment but our priviso is that all texts and fictions bearing our imprint must be well-written and they will by judged on that merit.

We rarely bring in ghost-writers.

Please bear in mind that an affiliation with a specific museum does not guarantee acceptance of any manuscript.

Because these books are historic site specific, local and regional museums must be prepared to purchase the entire print run of these titles for sale in their gift shops. In pricing, we always allow for museums to earn a comfortable profit.


History and fiction titles are perfect bound in Trade Paperback format
(5.5" x 8.5" or 6" x 9").

Cookbooks are plastic sprial bound
(5.5" x 8.5").


Further museum customizations are possible through our
Learning & Coloring Books imprint

(click on their link at the bottom left).


For answers to general questions please contact
Tory Corner Editions through the e-mail link below.


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