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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES ______________________________

Always query in writing. We will now accept inquiries via e-mail.

If using the USPS, always enclose a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for a reply to your letter.

For our ease in reading, we only accept chapter samples and complete manuscripts as hardcopies not as e-mail attachments. Do not send chapter samples or complete manuscripts unless requested by us and then again only with a self-addressed-stamped-envelope.

Never phone the publisher for inquiries or to check on the progress of a work being considered.

We respond to queries within six weeks; up to nine months on manuscripts.

Be patient. Independent presses have far fewer staff members than large publishing houses.

Contrary to popular misconception, independent presses must often be more selective when considering materials in order to compete with large publishing houses.

Understand that the title, overall design, and cover art of a book are decisions made not by the author but by the publisher's marketing and art departments.

Understand that rejection of a book is not necessarily a statement of the book's worth but often a decision based upon its sales or marketing potential.


If you have any questions regarding these guidelines,
please contact us via the e-mail link below.


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