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PUBLISHER'S GUIDELINES ______________________________

We accept only unagented queries and submissions.

Books are published in runs of 500 and reprinted as supplies necessitate.

Royalties are based on the final retail price of a book and paid as a flat fee upon acceptance of the completed manuscript.

Please query in writing via mail (not e-mail).

Always enclose a self-addressed-stamped-envelope for a reply (see Submission Guidelines).

At some point in the process, a letter of intent will be required directly from the museum director and/or museum board of directors of the featured historic site stating that a manuscript has been read, approved, and—if published—will be stocked by the museum gift shop.

Please bear in mind that an affiliation with a specific museum does not guarantee acceptance of any manuscript.

Author queries are only accepted for our fiction imprint, Compass Point Mysteries™.

Local & Regional Museums seeking custom histories, cookbooks, coloring books, or miscellaneous fiction featuring their site, please contact our Tory Corner Editions™ imprint with a full description of the potential project.


If you have any questions regarding these guidelines,
please contact us through the e-mail link below.


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