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The Hammond Castle Collection

Recipes from Hammond Castle
by Nellie Nally Connors & Patricia M. Drury
(expanded 128 page second edition)
$15.95—debut: March 17, 2006.

This title is very much in-print.

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Echoes from the Castle Walls
a collection of short sci-fi, horror, adventure stories
by John Hays Hammond, Jr.
(expanded 96 page second edition)
$10.95—debut: February 12, 2004.
This title is very much in-print.

The Story of Hammond Castle
A Learning & Coloring Book
by John W. Pettibone
32 pages
(Currently out-of-print)

The Ghosts of Hammond Castle
by John Dandola
(expanded 72 page second edition)
$10.95—debut: September 22, 2005.
This title is very much in-print.

The Hammond Castle Guidebook
with its unique fold-out self-guided map
(currently out-of-print after sales of more than 7,500).

Living in the Past, Looking to the Future:
The Biography of John Hays Hammond, Jr.

by John Dandola
272 pages including biographical references, a full index, and over one hundred restored vintage photographs.
$21.95—debut: February 12, 2004.
This title is very much in-print.

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