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Editing Services for Authors Other Than Our Own

With the advent of print-on-demand publishing capabilities, it has become much easier for people to publish and reach a niche audience. Unfortunately, such production options do not provide the necessary finishing touches in terms of copy-editing which make a book's content of truly professional quality.

The Quincannon Group is an independent press. We function as an independent press with very specific markets. We are not a subsidy publisher which charges authors to be published and, therefore, we do not offer editing services with the promise of publishing through our house.

However, we do offer editing services to authors who will be approaching other publishers or are self-publishing through other companies.

Due to our workload, we prefer to deal with non-fiction manuscripts
(nothing academic) since it is much less time-consuming. But we will consider fiction on a case-by-case basis.


Our copy-editing includes:

Technical Editing for grammar and spelling.

Style Editing to make sure that consistency is maintained with words, punctuation, etc.

Substantive Editing for flow of content and juxtaposition of ideas.

Critique of plotline.


Besides grammatical errors, the most common mistakes in a manuscript are:

1) Lack of distance in the book's narrative for a proper and detached perspective which serves to give the author credibility within his subject matter.

2) Too much extraneous information which is not logically assembled.

3) The absence of a narrative thread to tie the book together. No matter if it is fiction or non-fiction, this is an artful and necessary element which weaves the elements together in order to sustain the reader.

We can help with all of these.


To discuss your project please contact us by clicking the e-mail link below.


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