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Such is the reason that these materials were denied to an author named Julie Fenster.
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Hammond Castle Titles

Books about John Hays Hammond, Jr.:

Living in the Past, Looking to the Future: The Biography of John Hays Hammond, Jr.
by John Dandola

The life of John Hays Hammond, Jr., had all the elements of best-selling fiction: he was the scion of a wealthy family; the son of a
world-famous father; the protégé of Thomas Alva Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Nikola Tesla. When he demonstrated that he could steer unmanned power boats from shore, newspapers dubbed him "The Boy Inventor" but he went on to be lauded as "The Father of Radio Control." Along the way, he accumulated some 800 U.S and foreign patents on more than 400 different inventions; amassed a personal fortune from his innovations for military weaponry and radio; built an actual castle overlooking the Atlantic to serve as his home, laboratory, and showplace for his medieval art collection; and played host to the international elite. This is the biography of a man who obsessively gathered bits and pieces of history around him yet whose scientific work led to a future of robots, target-seeking torpedoes, and guided missiles.

272 pages including biographical references, a full index, and over one hundred restored vintage photographs

Echoes from the Castle Walls
a collection of short sci-fi, horror, adventure stories
by John Hays Hammond, Jr.

An integral key to the personality of John Hays Hammond, Jr., lies in his fiction writing. One of America's greatest inventors, Hammond built himself a castle; threw lavish parties; hobnobbed with movies stars, royalty, and world leaders; piloted his own yacht; and at the encouragement of Rudyard Kipling, dabbled in writing fiction. Those sci-fi, horror, and adventure stories were first gathered together in 1999 and two newly discovered stories have been added in this expanded second edition.

expanded 96-page second edition
includes illustrations

The Ghosts of Hammond Castle
by John Dandola

A recounting of ghostly happenings at the former home of John Hays Hammond, Jr., in Gloucester, Massachusetts—an actual castle replete with drawbridge now a famed museum housing the inventor's medieval art and artifact collection. This second edition includes several new paranormal encounters which have occurred since its initial publication.

expanded 72-page second edition
includes illustrations

Recipes from Hammond Castle
by Nellie Nally Connors & Patricia M. Drury

The late Mrs. Connors was Hammond's cook for nearly twenty-five years. This cookbook features not only anecdotes about the inventor accompanying many of his favorite recipes, it has both an extensive prologue and epilogue which tells in detail about life with Hammond at his castle-home-laboratory-museum in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

expanded 128-page second edition
includes photos and illustrations

Dead by All Appearances
an Edie Koslow-Tony Del Plato mystery
by John Dandola

When Teddy Edison, youngest son of the late Thomas Alva Edison, asks Tony Del Plato to investigate some odd occurrences at the castle laboratory of millionaire inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr., it is a request more for Tony's much needed change of scenery than out of any real necessity. While leaving West Orange, New Jersey, might prove to be therapeutic following the recent events in Tony's life, little could anyone foresee that this forced vacation on the restful and beautifully rocky coastline of Massachusetts would ultimately involve local gangsters, murder, and espionage.

Adding to the confusion is a scheduled remote radio broadcast from the castle not to mention an unexpected rivalry between M.G.M. publicity girl Edie Koslow and Paramount actress Marjorie Reynolds, who is visiting after a War Bond tour in Boston to promote her new film, Holiday Inn.

300 pages /
a Mystery Novel featuring John Hays Hammond, Jr.

Dead in Small Doses
a Tony Del Plato mystery
by John Dandola

In the spring of 1943, through his Edison family connections, Tony Del Plato gets a surprising assignment when Paramount Pictures decides to make one of its Popular Science movie shorts about inventor John Hays Hammond, Jr. Filming will take place not only at Hammond's grandiose castle-home in Gloucester, Massachusetts, but also aboard his yacht on a trip to the Caribbean. Tony's job: bodyguard to actress Marjorie Reynolds, who suggested the movie and will be featured in it.

Nearly six months since they last saw one another during a radio broadcast which also involved Hammond, Tony and Marjorie find that their chemistry is undiminished. During their trek, Tony reveals some of his mysterious background in a trio stories about his tutoring by Thomas Edison, his solving of an actual New Jersey cold case from the 1880's, and his association with notorious New Jersey gangster Abner "Longy" Zwillman. But those stories aside, Tony and Marjorie also manage to become embroiled in a Caribbean murder.

435 pages /
a Mystery Novel featuring John Hays Hammond, Jr.


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